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De-risk the land development process with planning and permit documents — all in one place

Access the information you need to navigate the development approval process 

*Currently available for the City of LA, City of Santa Monica, City of Pasadena, Culver City and LA County

Built for real estate developers and brokers.

Analyze market trends and track a city’s progress

See what is being built and where. Deepen your understanding of the local landscape by tracking project approvals, delays, site plans, and build requirements.

Validate a site’s development potential

Unlock a site’s potential with data-driven analysis. Use historical and new entitlement data to inform project feasibility and financial projections.

Leverage studies completed on similar projects​

Benefit from studies completed on similar sites

Tap into a comprehensive database of traffic, environmental, and land use studies that match your project requirements.

ATC gives you an edge throughout the development process


Analyze comparable project site plans, unit mix, and design parameters.


Quickly understand entitlement risk and timelines.


Use precedent to submit a thorough and data-driven application.


Understand the source and substance of appeals for similar projects nearby.


Review the types
and number of permits
you need to get started.

Uncover project approvals and avoid delays.
Experience the platform for yourself.

Customers on ATC

Meet the better way to research.

Save time and close more deals by accessing all the data you need in a single destination.

Save countless hours.

Get all your data from a single, harmonized platform.

Skip the legwork of searching online, going through city records, and dealing with outdated government websites. ATC has already taken care of it for you.

In our proprietary development database, you’ll find all the city planning and permit documents you need to uncover project approvals and prevent delays. From information on zoning changes to use permits to road approvals and so much more.


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Search and view any planning or permit project

Filter database by pre-defined criteria, such as TOC, Density Bonus, and ADU

Find historical planning documents from multiple sources in one place (e.g. planning commissions, city council, PDIS, and more)

Filter documents by type and compare across cases

Search by keyword within documents, including PDFS and scanned documents

Spread key case and parcel data points in a customized database view

Calculate case distance from point of interest and time to completion

The better way to research

Find any document, from any project, by any criteria.

ATC outperforms all alternative methods for real estate entitlement research.

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