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Key Customer Feedback for Housing Projects

About this post: Discover what homeowners value most in housing projects. Learn from industry studies to make informed decisions and judge builders effectively.

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When it comes to Housing Projects, the best builders know what kinds of problems customers hate the most and do everything they can to avoid them.

Studies of the industry show that homeowners are most unhappy with how their builder handles things like schedules, budgets, work habits, and customer service. A lot of smart builders use the information from these studies to figure out what their customers value. Smart people who want to buy a house can learn from them how to judge a building.

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It’s interesting that not many people who buy custom homes worry about the quality. They don’t think about quality after choosing a building because that’s what they looked at when they were choosing. They made sure the builder was trustworthy by looking at pictures or projects that the builder had already done, reading testimonials, and maybe even talking to past customers about their new homes.

It is important for homeowners to see finished work, but they should also ask the builder about their process to get a sense of how they will likely feel during and after the job. The best professionals build a house on time and for the agreed upon price. They show up to meetings on time and talk about changes. They keep the job site clean and well-organized, which shows that they work safely and quickly. They stand behind their work even after the job is done.

A 2013 study by Woodland, O’Brien & Scott, a consulting company that tracks homebuyer views across the country, found that these builders stand out from the rest. The company asked 12,000 people who had just bought a new home about their builders and how those builders did their jobs. These were the most common complaints:

  • There were homes that weren’t finished on time.
  • Customers bought finished homes that weren’t as clean or finished as they thought they would be.
  • The builder’s staff didn’t follow up on unfinished things well.
  • Not enough information about the project’s plan was shared.

The authors say that one big reason for these issues was that as the Housing Projects market recovered from the downturn, many builders couldn’t find enough skilled staff to handle the extra work.

There is a lack of skilled workers. During the housing slump, a lot of highly skilled workers quit the industry. Those who stayed usually looked for work with well-known, properly run building companies. The survey showed that these businesses have mostly avoided the customer problems it found because they can hire the best people.

The poll also found that builders whose customers were the happiest were the ones who communicated the most. It found that buyers are usually okay with delays as long as the builder’s staff keeps them informed about the plan and when the job is expected to be finished. They are right to think that good contact shows that the builder cares about them.

Building a custom home is a difficult task that could go badly at any time. When people look at builders, they should make sure that they have processes in place that will make the ride fun.

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Table of Contents

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