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ATC Research: An innovative alternative to ZIMAS

About this post: Navigating the complex Los Angeles zoning and permit system can be overwhelming. That’s where ATC comes in.

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What is Land Use Zoning?

Local governments use land use planning and zoning to classify parcels of land and their uses, physical development, and architectural and building requirements, such as height, density, and setbacks.

Where does ATC Research fit in?

ATC Research offers a comprehensive platform to fast-track the land entitlement and permit research process, providing a much more efficient workflow.

Our platform features a proprietary development database for enhanced search capabilities across various criteria and documents. This includes permit and entitlement data for City of Los Angeles, City of Santa Monica, City of Pasadena, Culver City, and LA County.

What’s ZIMAS?

ZIMAS (Zone Information and Map Access System) is the City of LA-run platform that provides public information on zoning, land use, and property information, all accessible through a map-based interface.

While ZIMAS provides essential zoning and property information, ATC Research expands on its capabilities by offering a platform that makes it easier to look across cases and addresses, compare projects, and save and organize project precedents.

The Differences: ATC vs. ZIMAS

What does ATC offer vs. ZIMAS?

Search and view any planning or permit projectYesYes
Filter database by pre-defined criteria, such as TOC, Density Bonus, and ADUYesNo
Find historical planning documents from multiple sources in one place (e.g. planning commissions, city council, PDIs, and more)YesNo
Filter documents by type and compare across casesYesNo
Search by keyword within documents, including PDFs and scannedYesNo
Spread key case and parcel data points in a customized database viewYesNo
Calculate case distance from point of interest and time to completionYesNo

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Table of Contents

ATC Research is the most comprehensive platform for land entitlement and permit data

Currently available for the City of LA, City of Santa Monica, City of Pasadena, Culver City and LA County

Uncover project approvals and avoid delays.
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